Some of our Power System Installations

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Lithium and Victron Upgrade

Mark wanted to upgrade his old 120ah AGM batteries to a 300ah Lithium battery.  The old charging system comprised of a PWM solar regulator and an original CTEK DCDC, neither were lithium compatible. 
We installed a Victron Orion-Tr DCDC Charger, Victron SmartSolar MPPT charger and Victron BMV712 Battery Monitor(with Bluetooth).  All these Victron products can be setup or adjusted by the Victron App and blue tooth.
Now mark does not have any power issues when travelling around in his Cruiser running a large upright fridge, 12v Oven and other 12v accessories.
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Redarc Lithium Mini System

Shane wanted to be able to keep his 2 fridges going for his trips away. Also able to charge up his cordless tools via the inverter.
With the Redarc BMS1230 he can see the battery's state of charge and also what usage and charge is going in and out of his Lithium Battery.
We made a custom panel to mount all of the components and keep everything tidy.
Shane can charge while driving, via solar panels or plugged into 240v mains with this setup.
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Solar and Lithium Upgrade

We installed 2 200watt high quality rigid solar panels on the clam shell of this little van. Connected to a Victron SmartSolar 100/30 MPPT solar controller. Also a 200ah Invicta Lithium battery.  Both the Solar Controller and Lithium battery have blue tooth using their apps.
This has been added to the Redarc BMS1230 that was already installed in the system.  The reason for the standalone Solar controller is that the solar input of the Redarc can be used for extra fold out panels that do not match the roof top panels if needed.
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